Eliminate Your Roach Problem

Eliminate Your Roach Problem

Hire a reliable roach and ant exterminator in Dallas, TX today

Roaches can spread disease and deter people from coming over to your home, while ants can chew through wooden surfaces and take over your kitchen. If you need a roach or ant exterminator in the Dallas, TX area, Total Pest Control is your solution.

Whether you’re dealing with a roach, ant or silverfish infestation, choose us to get rid of it. Hire us to spray your property with insecticides and set up insect traps to exterminate every last insect in your home.

Call today to speak with a roach or ant exterminator and develop a treatment plan specific to your infestation.

3 ways to prevent insect infestations

Total Pest Control is an ant and roach exterminator located in Dallas, TX. We can show you how to prevent future infestations after we treat your home. Some of the basic steps involved in infestation prevention include:

  1. Blocking entry points—such as holes in walls and spaces under window sills
  2. Eliminating sources of food—by storing food away from walls and at least six inches off the floor
  3. Maintaining a clean environment—by disposing of trash regularly and not leaving dirty dishes around
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