Tired of Scratching Mosquito Bites?

Tired of Scratching Mosquito Bites?

Schedule mosquito control services in Dallas, TX today

Are you sick of hearing a constant buzz in your ear when you step outside? Are the mosquito bites starting to pile up? Total Pest Control provides mosquito control services in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas.

If you can’t enjoy spending time in your backyard with your family because the mosquitos are all over, we can help. Trust us to exterminate the mosquitos on your property by using a mosquito fogging, spraying or misting device.

Our mosquito foggers sprinkle insecticides into the air. The sprinkling creates a fog that penetrates deep into grass, trees and bushes to eliminate all of the mosquitos on a property in a flash.

Reach out to us today to set up your mosquito fogging appointment.

4 tips on how to prevent future mosquito problems

Total Pest Control tackles mosquito control work in the Dallas, TX area. To keep mosquitos off your property after we treat it, you should:

  1. Get rid of any standing water
  2. Make sure your gutters aren’t clogged
  3. Remove leaf piles and lawn debris
  4. Keep your lawn cut short
Choose Total Pest Control to complete your mosquito extermination job. Reclaim your backyard so you can enjoy outdoor cookouts with the family again.